1098/ 1198 SBK in aluminium alloy

Cod. F06100A000

Ducati 1098-1198 SBK trellis frame in aluminium alloy EN AW 7020.
Can be mount  on 1098/1198/848.
Needs of the eccentric bearings bracket.
The geometry and torsional flex characteristics of the frame do not vary from the steel model.
The engine, footpeg and sospension brackets and the steering head are cut from billet to distributes optimally the load on it.
The lower cross-bar connecting the tubes closed to the steering head pipe contributes to a greater rigidity of the frame.
The weight of the frame is 6,50 kg, 30% less than the original.
The frame is designed to be mounted on Supebike 1098/1198.
In case you use it on 1098/1198 R or S or 848, the frame needs the fuel tank sub-frame art. F08200A000 and steering damper bracket art. F08200S006.