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Here you find the professional equipment for your Panigale 1199/1299/899/959. The same used from Chaz Davies, Marco Melandri and  Michael Ruben Rinaldi in WorldSBK e STK1000.

Front and rear stand

Front stand

Front stand made in aluminium alloy.
Designed for use at the racetrack: includes holder for front wheel axle, and brackets for brake calipers.
Its special shape facilitates the mounting/dismounting of the wheel (PATENTED).

Two verions available:
1199/1299/899/959 front stand;
SBK 1199 front stand.

Rear stand

Made in aluminium alloy.
Designed for use at the racetrack. With high-performances bearing.
Apart you can buy the locking sleeve,  useful during the bike transport.

Discover the components:
1199/1299/899/959 rear stand;
locking sleeve.

Discover the stands for your Panigale

Superstock rear subframe

Made in aluminium alloy, it’s available in two versions:
Rear subframe for Ducati Panigale 1199 and 1299;
Rear subframe for Ducati Panigale 899 and 959;

Discover the subframes for your Panigale


Pitboard made in aluminium alloy. Designed to facilitate visibility.
Supplied with plastic card numbers and name.

Discover the pitboard

Stands for bike assembling.

Engine trolley

Middle stands

Motorcycle assembling stand

Frame stand

Discover the stands for your Panigale

Box and pit-lane equipment

Work bench

Discover work bench

Pit-lane trolley

Discover the pit-lane trolleys

Quick-change equipment

Quick-change front stand

Front and rear wheels holder.

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