Ducati 1098-1198 Superbike trellis frame in aluminium alloy EN AW 7020.
Compatible with 1098/1198/848.

The weight of the frame is only 6,70 kg, 30% less than the original.

To achieve this objective and maintain the same torsional flex characteristics of the steel alloy version, the engine, footpeg and sospension brackets and headstock are machined from billet to distributes optimally the load on themselves.
It has also been added a cross-reinforcement connecting the lower tubes closed to the headstock, that contributes to a greater rigidity of the frame.

All the components are joint using interference pin technologie. This allows to direct the forces generated from the frame work to the components and not to the welds.

The frame was born to be installed with RS components.
It needs of the eccentric bearings bracket.

There’re 3 configurations:

  • Frame kit for 1098/1198 RS
    In this option, the frame has the coils and fuel tank brackets located in the same position of RS frames.
    The RS tank is mounted using two brakets welded on the superior tubes near to the headstock. One of this fitting points is the same that is used on R versions to mount the steering damper bracket.
    If you have RS steering head, you can fix the steering damper using a fitting point on the headstock.
    If not, we can offer you a shock absorber clamp.
    To the frame, you need to add a reinforcement bar in aluminium alloy, that joints the two superior tubes near to the headstock.


  • Frame kit for 1098/1198 R
    With this configuration, you need fuel tank holder and steering damper bracket of the original R frame. Or you can mount the ours, more light because built in aluminium alloy.


  • Frame kit for 848/1098/1198 S
    Also in this case you need need fuel tank holder and steering damper bracket of R version.
    The frame headstock is bigger than S version, then you need a different front frame or you can adapt yours.

    Accessories for R e S versions

    Fuel tank holder and steering damper bracket:

    Front frame for street and Superbike instrumentations: