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Pierobon X85R: kit for Ducati Panigale 1199/1299/899/959 engine.

X85R is a chassis kit designed to accept Ducati Panigale V2 899/959/1199/1299 engines.
The base kit consist of: frame, airbox, air duct, rear subframe, foot pegs and lateral electronic holders.
This project is a great source of our know how, that comes from our exeprience in more than 65 years in the racing scene.

The main part of the kit is the trellis frame, made in stell alloy 25CrMo4 tubes and aluminium alloy EN AW-6082 T6 lateral CNC plates.
Together with the frame, it has been developed a new intake system: a complete new airbox and air duct made in carbon fiber and optimized with CFD simulation.


The kit allows the assembling with OEM swingarm, extended single arm and double arm swingarm.


To the base kit, you can add the aerodynamic winglets, specifically designed to increase the stability and precision of the front, to improve the acceleration by reducing the wheelie and to improve the load on the front in the first phase of braking.
They are not limited to being pure performance components, they are also design accessories that modify the perception of the whole bike.


It’s possible mount OEM fuel tank, or modify it in a loadbearing tank, increasing the capacity of 2 L.
Assembled with a light rear subframe, weighing only 700 g.


Tested on track from the ex SBK world champion, Mr Daytona, Scott Russell and BSB rider Tommy Bridewell

Our focus is give back the typical sensations of trellis frame. We want that the bike communicated the front wheel limit. We worked on the torsional and the lateral stiffness of the frame, to give to the rider more confidence on the front side.

Together with our dealer, Boulder Motor Sports, we put in track the frame #1.
The riders were the english Tommy Bridewell, that races in BSB, and the ex SBK world champion Scott Russell.
Their impressions were very positive, as confirmation by the good work done.

Tommy Bridewell

“The bike is very good, there’s a lot of feeling for the rider. In the decisive points, during the braking and acceleration, gives to the rider a lot feeling.”
It was Tommy Bridewell who led X85R to the first victory, during the Barber Vintage Festival in United States.

Scott Russell

“The bike has great full lean mechanical grip. A positive feeling and stable front end. Very good drive off grip.
X85R is amazing.”

Why X85R?

We never stop to honor our founder, Riccardo Pierobon. We dedicate this model to him. We gave it the name X85R because means “for the 85th birthday of Riccardo”.

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