The fuel tank is made in aluminium alloy EN AW-5754. Has a capacity of 16 liters.
The tank mounts 848/1098/1198 pump kit, and of other Ducati models.
The realization is a fusion of technology and tradition: the bottom side is laser cut and machine bent, the top is handmade with the help of the hammer.
The form of the fuel tank is rigorously thought out to give the maximum comfort and allow optimized riding position.
To enhance the overall handling qualities, a part of the tank extends down and toward the back of the bike. This keeps the weight from the fuel centrally located as it decreases over race distance.


In the front side, near to the headpipe, is mounted a cover, available in fiberglass and carbon fiber. Its line is studied to give continuity to fuel tank shape.
Under the cover there are some electronic parts.

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