Patented front stand

2020-10-15T09:36:20+02:00how it's made|

Our direct presence in MotoGp and Superbike allows us to better understand and suit the needs of working professionals. In this respect, the front stand has been designed and developed for use at racetrack with the objective of facilitating the maintenance and replacement work of the motorcycle frontend components. [...]

Panigale V4 extended swingarm

2020-10-15T12:01:24+02:00how it's made|

This swingarm upgrade arises from the need to ensure more stability of the motorcycle during acceleration and braking and gives more secure feeling in exiting the corner. To achieve the objective, we decided to add a machined extenction to the swingarm, to obtain a total lengh major of 35 mm respect the original quotation. [...]

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