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The base kit is composed of:

  • Frame, available for Pierobon, Supersport, Hypermotard and Sportclassic airbox.
  • Swingarm, available in two versions: one derived from Supersport, one box-section swing arm derived from Motogp.

Double arm swingarm, made in a box-section aluminium alloy EN AW-7020.
This new project is part of the bike’s development program in cooperation with the Pierobon dealers. It’s designed to improve the feeling and traction of the bike.

Doublearm swingarm made in extruded aluminum alloy.
If you have one of these swingarms:
Supersport model year 2003, 2004, 2005 o 2006
we can modify it on the front side to allow the assembling with the kit.
We can also make an upgrade on the rear side to mount the racing chain adjusters kit.

  • Chain adjusters kit, needed with box-section swingarm. Optional with swingarm derived from Superport.
    The swingarm is equipped with a chain adjusters kit. It’s composed of two special crews enable quick and precise wheel alignment and chain adjustment.
  •  Front frame, available in different versions. For Ducati, Digitek or AIM instrumentations.
    Made in aluminium alloy, light and functional.
  •  Rear frame, made in aluminium alloy.
  • Fuel tank, realized in aluminum alloy.
    The top is hand made and the bottom is made in sheet metal cut from laser and 3d bended to ensure the assembling with the frame.
    The form of the fuel tank is rigorously thought out to give the maximum comfort and allow optimized riding position.
    The capacity is 16 L and the weight is 3,5 kg.
    Two versions available: one for  Pierobon-Walbro pump kit, and one for Ducati Hypermotard pump kit.
  • Pierobon-Termignoni exhaust system, “2 in 1” line with steel pipes and muffler in titanium and carbon fiber.
  • Foot pegs kit, available with standard or reversed gear lever, and with fixed or pivoted pegs.
  • Bodywork: front body panel with windshield, lower fairing and rear body panel. Available in fiberglass or carbon fiber.
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