The main part of the kit is the tubular trellis frame made out of EN AW-7020 aluminium alloy, which weighs only 7,35 kg. The frame is a combination of technologies and experience gained working closely with factory teams in World Superbikes and MotoGP.
At the first sight you observe the similarity between X80R frame and F042, X60R frame. This choice was made for two reasons.
The first is a technical reason: our intention was to replicate as much as possible the incredible handling obtained with F042 and X60R frames. The frame geometry was modified to have much more feeling also with high performance engines.
The second reason is led by heart, to keep the tradition of forms and features, and to recognize quickly that it can be only a Pierobon Frame.
The frame is Tig welded and the components are joined with dowel pins to provide the best transmission of loads.
The headpipe, such as suspension and engine mounts, is cut from aluminium billet. You can mount the Ducati eccentric to allow the steering angle regulation.
Our main focus has been to provide greater torsional rigidity without compromising lightness and compactness.
The tubes lines are very closed to the engine. The effect is a better handling performance and agility of the bike.


Steering stopper.

Frame reinforcement.

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